Single Family Dwelling

Helpful Documents:
New Single Family Dwellings being constructed in Muscatine County require permitting.  A permit application must be filled out and submitted along with (2) Two copies of fully detailed construction prints.  We do NOT require that new house prints to be stamped by an Architect or Engineer, but are required to drawn by a Draftsman.  All construction prints shall be drawn to scale (1/4" = 1'-0")

One set will be retained by the building department and one set will be returned to the applicant marked "Original Job Site Copy" when the permit is issued.

As of July 1, 2014 all new dwellings must have an electrical, plumbing, and HVAC certified contractors with Licenses in the State of Iowa doing the trade work on the job site, and be listed on the application prior to permit issuance.

The Following Plans and Information are required:
      1.  Site Plan - Showing the site in it's entirety, with the proposed new dwelling located off of the lot lines.
      2.  Exterior Elevations (All Four Sides)
  • Show locations of all windows & doors.
  • Note the buildings exterior finish (siding, stucco, masonry, etc)
  • Show the proposed elevation from grade of porches & decks
  • Show final Grade
      3. Foundation/Lower Level Plan
  • All footing locations, sizing, & reinforcement. for the residence and attached garage, as well as any pier footing for decks.
  • Room & overall dimensions, label rooms and clearly define finished vs unfinished space
  • Note all bearing walls
  • Post, beam, and header sizes and material types.
  • Note the floor system above: Joist size, type, & spacing.
  • Door and window locations & sizes (Clearly label egress openings)
  • Locations of mechanical appliances
  • Smoke detector locations
  • Sump pit & ejector locations
  • Total square footage of finished areas
      4.  Subsequent Floor Plans
  • Total square footage of finished areas
  • Room & overall dimensions, label rooms.
  • Door & window locations & sizes (Clearly note egress openings)
  • Note floor system above if applicable: Joist size, type, & spacing
  • Post, beam, & header sizes and materials types. Note all bearing walls
  • Exterior Deck Details: ledger size, joist size & spacing, beam size & spacing, post sizes, decking material type, and any applicable railing detail.
  • Bathroom & kitchen layouts
  • Location of smoke detectors, exhaust fans, and attic access
      5.  Stair Section
  • Note the rise, tread run, total run, and headroom
      6.  Typical wall section showing the building envelope and the materials used.
      7.  Engineering or additional construction documents may be required by the building official.