Residential Outbuildings

* The permit packets were designed to speed up the process for homeowners and contractors on simply designed outbuildings. Full plans, specifications, and a permit application may be submitted in lieu of the packet. On all buildings constructed with manufactured trusses, the permit holder must have the mfg. loading specifications available at the time of the "Rough-In" inspection. The building department may require additional information on a case by case basis.

* if any of the above-named projects are to take place in the FLOOD PLAIN or on leased land (Government OR Private Lease), additional or expanded permitting will be required. 

* All flood plain development requires a Muscatine County Flood Plain Development Permit.

* All development on privately leased land will require the signature of the property owner on the permit documents.

* All development on Government leased land will require proof of contact with the U.S. Army Corp. or Engineers or other pertinent agency.