Survey Control Web Map

The Muscatine County Survey Control Web Map is intended to provide “one-stop shopping” for surveyors who perform property surveys in the County and must therefore submit their surveys digitally in accordance with Muscatine County’s Digital Submittal OrdinanceThe Web map is viewable by any desktop browser software and can also be viewed with any tablet or smartphone mobile device using either iOS or Android mobile operating systems.  This Web Map is jointly maintained by the Muscatine County Engineering Department and the Muscatine Area Geographic Information Consortium (MAGIC).

Several layers of survey information are included, all of which help to provide as complete a picture of available survey monuments as possible.  These layers include:

  1. Muscatine County’s geodetic survey control monument network. This network was re-occupied in 2014 to update monument coordinates to the National Geodetic Survey’s 2011 national adjustment of the NAD83 horizontal datum.  This datum adjustment is the same as that currently used by the Iowa Department of Transportation’s Real-Time Network (RTN). Attributes for each of these monuments include both the NA2011-adjusted state plane coordinates as well as coordinates for Iowa DOT’s low-distortion Regional Coordinate System (Zone 14).  Tie sheets are provided for all monument points are provided in PDF format.
  2. PLSS section corners recorded in the County.  The majority of these do not have coordinates associated with them but a fair number do, primarily from surveys done by the Muscatine County Engineers office.  On the Web map, PLSS corners with and without GPS coordinates are divided into separate layers.  Historic tie sheets are attached to each of the monument points as PDF files.
  3. County Section Corner Fieldbook. A compilation of PLSS section corners and property corners surveyed by the County Engineering Department since 2003.  There is overlap of these points with the PLSS section corner layer. 
  4. Engineering Projects.  A compilation of completed road and bridge projects in the County with attached fieldbooks.
“Layer List” and “Legend” buttons at the top right of the Web map allow users to turn layers on/off or view a layer’s graphic symbols.  A legend can also be displayed by clicking bottom of the screen and selecting the layers that you would like to view.

For a short primer on how to use this site, please open or download this document.  For any questions on the use of this Web map, contact either MAGIC staff or the Muscatine County Engineer’s office via the following:

Phone (c/o Muscatine Power & Water): 563-263-2631
Email: Mark Yerington; Justin Thomas

Muscatine County Engineer’s Office
Phone: 563-263-6351
Email: Dennis Michael

2014 Adjustment Reports for Survey Control

​Monument Records (PDF)
Network Adjustment Report (PDF)
Map (PDF)